7/6/20221 min read

Here is some starting information to get you acquainted to the site!

My name is LeeAnna and I am a disabled woman in my 50s starting this small inspirational blog for other women in their 30s and beyond who suffer daily from chronic pain and illness. You may have seen me around social media or my teeny, tiny Youtube channel.

Now, I am finally getting around to setting up this blog again. About 2 years ago, I had the site all set up over on Squarespace but I found it was hard to do all the things I wanted to do after the initial setup.

So, I tore it down!

I've since found this wonderful site, Zyro, that is more inclusive for all the technology I need to do what I want to! 😆

So, here we are with the standard website telling you what I do, how I do it, for whom I do it, and for how much I do it.

Firstly, I have developed this blog to assist in my endeavor to offer a support site with resources and services to help inspire you in your daily life with chronic illness!

Secondly, I plan on providing inspiration in the form of inspirational graphics, tips & tricks, as well as, a free 10-day email series that will give you 2 emails each day to help you go along the day.

I also plan on offering a paid, month long email series very near in the future. I will also be creating digital products, free and paid, to help you get things done!

Additionally, in the future, I plan on re-starting my podcast and, also, offering additional free resources and paid products for you to choose from!

Finally, visit Chronic Inspiration's Youtube channel at bit.ly/ChronicYT and, also, Facebook and Instagram for videos, live videos, posts, stories, reels, & much more coming in the future!

I hope this fills you with hope and that you can't wait to see all of our plans come together so we can start living easier and more inspirational lives with chronic pain and illness!